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29 Feb 2016
Voting with the Millennials

Today, I changed Political Parties, & I'm voting with the Millennials since it is their future, not mine. My Generation is so out of touch with their problems, & have been voting and using resources denying them a Future. We gave "Trickle Down Economics" plenty of time for the Affluent to make America Strong, guess what it didn't work, they didn't invest in jobs they invested in themselves. 

frown emoticon With Robotics & Big Data in our near future, there will be less man hours required to serve humanity. So moving towards a European work week is Vulcan Logical. That is why Stephen Hawking is more afraid of capitalism than robots.

I'm for Peace not War, we can not continue Killing Woman & Children and expect Peace. Hillary voted for Iraq War[Oops], Libya intervention=>a failed state and a terrorist haven [Oops], and Syria intervention? My wisdom comes from "Blessed be the Peacemaker" JC, like MLK, & Ganhdi, not the CIA, State Dept or the Military Industrial Complex. "Live for Violence, Die Violently"

09 Nov 2015
Maker-Lab-Art-Science etc Spaces & Events

"Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."

Connect your studies with local afterschool programs, Study groups, Labs, Makerspace, TV/Film studios, art, Competitions, etc

Please share these Lists!" Google Docs & Events Edu Map:

Explore your Community

08 Jan 2015
50% Univ's gone in 15yrs?

"Estimated 50% reduction in Univ's within 15 years." According to Harvard Prof. 

"Problems Mount for the ‘Other’ College Debt" Wall Street Journal Oct 13, 2015

World Mentoring Academy is Disrupting Higher Ed.

08 Dec 2014
Congrats John K

On earning 16 Univ Units through NYU's Language Testing Program 

20 Aug 2014
"Let's Connect" @ G+ Community
03 Sep 2013
OC Register & NY Times

World Mentoring Academy just got the Front page 8/23 OC Register & NY Times 9/4

Can you please share with others?

  • "Very cool,..." Moira, Technation NPR
  • "Wow...great story!" Bob Morrison, Music/Arts edu researcher
  • "Oh my goodness, that is unreal!" Maren Hogan, RedBranch Media
  • "Amazing story!" Dylan Tweney, Editor Venture Beat
  • "Very inspiring!" Amy Schmitz, Prof San Diego State Univ.
  • "Fascinating!" Gautam Ghosh, India's leading blogger
  • "So inspiring. Thank you, Mr. Williams" Cathy Davidson, NY Times, Author "Now You See It, Future of Thinking"
  • "Thank You Michael for creating possibilities.." Linda Fischer, USC, Author "Ultimate Power Enemy Within the Ranks"
  • "Proud of your dedication, big brother!" Todd Williams, Pres. Firstline Mobility
  • "Like Antonio Gramsci or Paulo Freire... intriguing." Cinde, Educator CT
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Students join "The League of Extraordinary People" and make a difference. 

France $100, Belize $50, Iran $25, USA & Pakistan $20 , Argentina $6 Given 2016, Thanks

We need your financial support to continue. 

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