Three Foot Spoons?{Beta}

Three Foot Spoons? really?
There was a little girl who came running up to her dad who was having breakfast. She excitedly said, “Dad, I had the most amazing dream last night.”
“Really,” her father said. “Well tell me about it.”
‘Well, I dreamed that an elevator opened in my room. I heard a voice say come with me, and so I got on. As soon as I was in, the doors closed and the elevator went down, down, down. And when the doors opened I walked out into a huge banquet hall, and I knew I was in hell.”
“Really,” her father replied, “How could you tell?”
“Well the room was full of tables with people sitting all around them. On the tables were the finest foods you could imagine. There were meats of every kind, there were desserts to die for.”
“Wait” dad said. “This sounds pretty nice, are you sure you were in hell?”
“Oh yes,” replied the daughter, “For you see every person had "three foot spoons" tied to their hands so they could not get any of the food to their mouths. They could only sit and stare at it.”
“I see what you mean,” her dad said. “Is there more to your dream?”
“Oh yes. I returned to the elevator and the doors closed and I went up, up, up. Finally the doors opened into a huge banquet hall and I knew I was in heaven.”
“How did you know?” asked her dad.
“Well there were huge tables all around the room surrounded by people. There were all the finest foods you could imagine and the people all had three foot spoons tied to their hands.”
“Wait!” shouted dad. “This sounds exactly like hell.”
“Yes,” said the daughter, “except for one important thing. In heaven they were feeding each other.”

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