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Creative Choices Aug 11, 2014


By the end of their time in Theater & Performance Studies, students should possess:

  • The ability to synthesize a well-organized argument from textual or other evidence and to express it in formal, written form

  • Proficiency in research methods (i.e. utilization of public and private archives, libraries, electronic databases, oral histories; textual and performance analysis)

  • Collaborative skills

  • Foundational stagecraft and production skills and knowledge (design, craft and technology, stage management, new media)

  • Literacy in foundational dramatic texts and fundamental concepts of performance theory

  • Basic knowledge of the history of Euro-American theater practice, including issues of race, ethnicity, and multiculturalism in the performing arts.

  • Basic acting technique

  • Through upper-division course work, electives, and capstone experiences students should also possess advanced training in at least one of the following:

    • Directing

    • Playwriting

    • Acting (Check out our Acting Program)

    • Design

    • History/Theory/Literature

    • Stage Management

    • New Media


    The path to achieving the aforementioned Learning Goals includes building Foundational Skills, developing Advanced Abilities and undertaking Capstone Experiences.


      • Introduction to Acting (Theater 10)

      • Introduction to Performance Studies (Theater 26)

      • Stagecraft (Theater 60)

      • EITHER Drama of American Cultures (Theater 25AC) OR Reflections of Gender, Culture and Ethnicity in Dance (Theater 52AC)


      • Advanced Production or Design: participation in main stage or lab productions

      • Performance Studies: Three courses from areas of Performance Theory, Performance History, Performance Literatures, or Performance and Culture

      • Four upper-division electives in student’s choice of area (directing, acting, design, etc.).


      • Productions (from blackbox workshops to main stage productions)

      • Professional workshops and classes with Artists-in-Residence

      • Honors Theses (both written and production projects)

      • Independent Studies

      • Internships with professional companies, studios, agencies

      • Student-created performance projects

      • Leading/teaching DeCal courses


Language: English
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