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Description: The Group Theatre was a New York City theater collective formed by Lee Strasberg, Cheryl Crawford and Harold Clurman also Stanford Meisner 1931 , also came from this group. Intended as a base for the kind of theater they & their colleagues believed in — a forceful, naturalistic & highly disciplined artistry. Pioneers of the "American acting technique" derived from the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavski, then pushed beyond them as well. The company included directors, actors, playwrights & producers. The "Group" came from the idea of the actors, as a pure ensemble; there are "no stars". #Strasberg #Crawford #Clurman #Stanford #Konstantin #Stanislavski #Group #Theatre #American #Acting #Technique
Resources: The Actors Studio, William Exper Studio, Meisner Technique Studio, American Theatre Wing, MIT, UC Berkeley,Stanford, Yale, U of Mich along with many of the World's finest University's and other educators.
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