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Description: In this course, we will develop a Magical community with support, like Hogwarts, Magic Castle. This community will build curriculum and help each other grow through this course. My aim is to have a dynamic educational platform always Free & inclusive of all creative expressions. We will work together to bring out the inner performer, whether it be an introvert, clumsy, athletic, aristocratic, wacky, wonderous, or? there is an endless option for your performing character. Using Books, Youtube video's, meetups and World Mentoring Academy's tools you will grow to your ambitions. I care about not suppressing your development.
For those interested in learning how to make a Magical living, I will bring together all the pieces of my success and others.

The Profiles of the World's Magic Showmen & Effect Creators. One who performs illusions is called a magician or an illusionist. Some performers may also be referred to by names reflecting the type of magical effects they present, such as prestidigitators, conjurors, mentalists, or escape artists.
Resources: OpenCourseWare from Professional Magicians, Performers & Entertainment groups, and other educators.
Language: English
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