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Description: In "The American Novel Since 1945" students will study a wide range of works from 1945 to the present. The course traces the formal & thematic developments of the novel in this period, focusing on the relationship between writers & readers, the conditions of publishing, innovations in the novel's form, fiction's engagement with history, & the changing place of literature in American culture. The reading list includes works by Vladimir Nabokov, Richard Wright, Flannery O'Connor, Jack Kerouac, Maxine Hong Kingston, J. D. Salinger, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, Philip Roth, Cormac McCarthy and Edward P. Jones. #American #Novel #authors
Resources: OpenCourseware from Yale, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Husson along with many of the World's finest University's.
Language: English
Professors: Michael Williams, Default Professor, Damian Hirai
Units: 27, Tests: 3
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