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Description: A survey of American literature and literary history, from the early colonial period to the eve of the Civil War. The goal is to acquire a grasp of the expanding canon of American literature by reading both established, canonical masterpieces and texts traditionally considered marginal. Topics include the relation between history and cultural mythology, the rise of “literature” as a discipline unto itself, the meaning of American individualism, the mythology of American exceptionalism, the dialectic of freedom and slavery in American rhetoric, the American obsession with race, the ideology of domesticity and its link to the sentimental, and the nature of the “American Renaissance.”
Resources: Opencourseware from NYU, MIT, UC Berkeley,Stanford, Yale, U of Mich along with many of the World's finest University's and other educators.
Language: English
Professors: Michael Williams, Default Professor, Damian Hirai
Units: 27, Tests: 2
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